Welcome to Happy Celery Glass Cabins
Cecilia & Jacob van Winkel Wisth

Cecilia & Jacob
We moved to beautiful Dalsland with the intention
to get back to a healthier and less stressful life, focusing on Mother Nature and living a sustainable, calmer and more balanced lifestyle.
In 2015 we started to carefully renovate the old soldier's house where we now live, and next to it we have a barn where the Happy Celery Cafe is situated.

Welcome to our Kronkulle (Crown Hill) and our accommodation concept with the two separate glass cabins - right in the middle of the Dalsland forest!


Cecilia is a food loving health coach and hypnotherapist with a focus on a balanced lifestyle.


Jacob is a licensed massage therapist and work with Reiki and energy healing when he is not busy renovating and rebuilding at Kronkullen.

Back to Nature

The forest provides us with clean water, fresh air, and help combat global warming. It also provides us with food, medicine and important natural resources. If managed responsibly, the forest benefits both the individual as well as the collective immensely.